The Land of Oz

The Bitter Pill

by Nancy Rubenstein Del Giudice

When Dr. Oz announced on his popular mainstream television show, “Depression is not a disease,” and that not only can SSRIs lead to disaster for many but that the Serotonin theory of depression is fraud, the silence was thundering.
There were no reports on the news. Talk of John Stewart, yes, but not Dr. Oz.  This is no joke.
No congressional sub-committee was convened to investigate for purposes of prosecution, no recalls were announced from the FDA… and the beat goes on.
Out popped the pills from manufacturing plants.  The Italian coffee machine turns itself on as the alarm sings and the drug rep dresses for a full day of selling doctors on friendship.
At the television station, life goes on as usual.  The show is what matters.  People are thankful for the pharmaceutical sponsors who pay them well and treat them so finely.

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The Teacher of the Mysterium

Your thoughts?

Outside the Reality Machine

The Teacher of the Mysterium

by Jon Rappoport

December 14, 2014


The test of this blog will be the degree of interest it stimulates. I already know that my other site,, stirs interest. In my role as a reporter, I’ve been feeding it for 13 years. People want to know what is behind the stories of the day. They want to know the deeper levels of the farce. They want to know about the layers of the major covert ops on the planet. They want to win the struggle for Earth.

Here, I’m doing something different.

And today, I am introducing a fictional character called The Teacher of the Mysterium.

I believe he has many things to say. These things—let us not forget—are made possible because he comes out of my imagination.

That does not mean what he says is fiction. It may be a different…

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